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Choose A Body Shop To Repair Your Car

Body Shop To Repair Your CarHaving been involved in an accident when my truck was only three months old, and then having re-painting done while restoring a ten year old vehicle, I’ve had some experience with body repair shops.

There are different types of body shops out there as we’re all not looking for the same quality of work. The first rule I’ll give you is that you get what you pay for. If you want to pay $599.00 to have your entire car painted, that’s fine. It may be a huge improvement over how your car looked initially, but it wouldn’t have suited me in either case mentioned above. I wanted that three month old truck to look like it looked the day I purchased it, and the paint on the hood of that ten year old sports car had to match the rest of the car perfectly.

The best way to find a body repair shop is the probably the same way you found your auto mechanic, word of mouth. Talk with friends and work associates, ask your mechanic. Talk to your neighbors and get their opinions. Everyone knows someone who’s had a good, or bad experience. Listen when people talk about their cars and experiences they’ve had. I called the dealership where I had purchased my truck for a referral.

When you think that you’ve narrowed it down to a particular shop, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged. Remember that you may find they have a few, but no business can keep everyone happy. Talk with the shop manager if you have any questions or concerns.

Take a look around the shop. Is is kept clean? It won’t be sparkling clean due to the type of work, but you shouldn’t see dust and filth and chemicals spilled on floors.

Ask to see their work. They should have before and after pictures of their work and will also have cars they are currently working on. Do they have letters of recommendation? A lot of business keep letters from happy customers.
Do they give any type of warranty? Some body shops offer a limited warranty.

Finally, use your gut. How are they interacting with you? Are they taking the time to answer your questions completely or do they seem put off by them? If they seem put off, it’s time to look elsewhere.

New Mercedes AMG GT-S: A perfect warrior of its kind

a-perfect-warrior-of-its-kindMercedes is a well famous automobile company that marked a difference in the auto industry. The company has launched some of the best fabulous cars that will easily take the attention of all car lovers. This year Mercedes has launched one of the best performing cars that is already ramping the road in various parts of the world.

The new Mercedes AMG GT-S is going to pose a serious threat to all other cars of different car manufacturing companies. This high performing car is manufactured for a special purpose that can only be explained by its lovers.

Time and again the company has proved itself by providing some of the eye catching and better performing cars in the auto market. The magic flows from other previous versions of cars that are launched in the market.

The new version of the Mercedes AMG is well mechanized with some of the best features that are new to the market and customers will love enjoying it to the best.

Modern touch with classic engine

The new Mercedes AMG is provided with the latest kinds of glossy look and is integrated with one of the powerful engine that will roar on the road. The car is provided with lots of improvements from its earlier versions.

The round edges, side windows in the form of almonds, arched roofline and the shorter overhangs are some of the best features that you can easily make out at first look.

Silent features

The new Mercedes AMG is having a small yet eye catching size.  It is around 9.2cm and 13.6 narrow than the previous version. The body is mainly manufactured with aluminum metal and it weights around 125 kg less than the previous one.

The twin turbo engine of the car will help to generate enough acceleration that is enough to roar on the road. The engine can easily produce around 503 horse power and attain the speed of 100km/hr within a time period of 3.8 seconds.

The 7 speed gear system will allow the car to raise the speed to an approx 250km/hr. 18 AMG wheels play an important role for giving a better driving experience as well a safety to the travelers.


The interior of the Mercedes AMG will surely amaze with its perfect finishing that provides a good and soft touch feeling.  The combination of red, silver and black is going to provide a very perfect kind of look. The seats are provided with good leather along with red stitching.

Do not wait for your new Mercedes AMG GT version and grab it first.